A small change in our perception

One day,  a kid who was into his regular activities started noticing some sort of changes within him. He doesnt know what was that, but he felt it… He started to feel the difference so deep, he couldn’t resist himself from what was within him. Slowly he tried to change his appearance but still he found it hard to do so… The little heart pumped to search answer for himself… Why can’t he able to be like himself?? Why only he feel such difference within him and why not his friends??? His questions left unanswered..He felt so void and incomplete, made him to weep weep and weeppp…

But how long??? How long could he hold his breath??? Days passed…people started to notice his change in behaviour. His friends went apart( atleast their parents hold them), his playground went empty when he was in. His school wasn’t seems like before, he sat all alone in his desk, no one came nearby. He was cornered.

And so his parents too. They couldn’t take up this. Their concern was more on their society and not on their son. He was abused both physically and mentally. How long could he cry??? Neither family nor society accepted him from what he was going through. He mourn and mourn… But nothing helped him. He lost his temper, he crossed his threshold, he understood nothing going to help in holding him from what he was going through…

Finally he decided to let it go as how it goes. He changed his appearance, he changed his identity. He changed from HE TO SHE. He knew his house was no more his house, his family and friends were no more belongs to him, and so his school too. Still he felt happy to leave them. He found nowhere to the circle were he meant to be.

For an instant, let everyone of us put ourselves in the situation of how i narrated and feel how it would be!!!!!!!! Is that painful????? and so for them too….

Losing your indentity is not that easy to be accepted by yourself, then why to corner them????? What will they do if their hormones misbehave???? Why they have to be punishable for no crime????? Not even their fault rite!!!!!

That boy would have felt his first deep relief only after seeing the people of his own kind… Is that because they are all alike??? No, definitely not. It is all because ONLY THEY HAVE ACCEPTED HIM FOR WHAT HE IS. We (society) made them to move away. Ain’t that true!!!!

Oh my dear, are you scared of their rough and harsh behavior!!! May be yes, even i do!! But why they do so??what made them?? They consider it as their armed protection from this society, to overcome grieve they face...

All they need is a place for them in this society. A small change in our perception can give them a life.

Why cant we give a try !!!! How it would be, When all the institutions, all the forms and certificates, public places possess a special category called “Special gender or transgender” !!!

How it would be, when all of us address each of them with “Mx” !!!! They too do have emotions, they too strive to live a decent life in this society, to get a qualified education, to get a job to earn and to live and give…. They are not meant to beg for money but they left with no option… They actually beg for respect, to value their life, afterall they also own this motherland… Though a few institutions, companies and a few public places provide them a special place to move on, the ratio is very small… Irrespective of special provisions, let them to be one among us…

Let us widen our vision, to let them live…





Importance of restoring children’s tooth

One of the most frequent question we face in our regular practice.. Why to fill the tooth when anyways it is going to fall off at one point!!!! This is one of the valid question which need a responsible answer.

Before going into the main topic, It is very important to understand that…”tooth is a tooth”, irrespective of deciduous or permanent teeth, it has to be treated and restored. You may wonder why!!! And what is the necessary of doing so…but the truth is, every tooth has its own unique function like every organs in the body. On losing those, you may tend to lose its own funtionality along with its supporting structure which end up with a mess in oral cavity.

So now, let us focus on primary teeth ( also called as milk teeth or deciduous teeth)

what will happen if you dont restore the primary teeth???

  • Speech impairment or alteration in the phonetic or pronounciation:

Yes, it is a true fact that every position of the tooth(both front and back) plays a vital role in Kids speech ability and it is well known that it is the vital age to learn phonetics. Any missing tooth or an altered position of tooth leads to airflow imbalance causing mislead in phonation.

  • Misguidance in the eruption pattern of permanent tooth:

The eruption pathway of permanent teeth are guided by the preceding primary teeth. When there is a premature loss of primary tooth, more chances for the  succeeding permanent tooth to loss its path and may erupt either out of the alignment or do not erupt at all( which we call as impacted tooth).

  • Spread of infection to the succeeding permanent tooth:

When the primary tooth is left untreated for longer time, there are more chances for pus formation which inturn affects the underlying permanent tooth

  • Impairment in the jaw bone growth:

This is a rare scenario, when the child’s oral health is very poor causing premature loss of multiple teeth at the early stage of life, the growth of the supporting structures like gums , soft tissues and bones are affected and showing some sort of retardation later.

Now i hope it will be understood why it is so important to restore the primary tooth.

So how to manage them!!!! Let us have a brief of that.

It is not that easy to protect primary teeth as the primary teeth are more prone for tooth decay when compared to the permanent teeth.

  • Have regular follow ups with your child’s dentist
  • Hydrate your kid well with adequate water intake. This helps to prevent the PH drop in the oral cavity thereby helping the tooth from caries attack.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene. Always help your kid to brush twice daily and make the habit of rinsing the mouth after every meal.
  • Whenever you spot a black or brown discolouration on the tooth, it is an alarming sign to start with the preventive interventions
  • Initial preventive methods start with the flouride application. Either by tooth paste or in office application as recommended by your dentist. (* It should not be taken by your own as overdosage of flouride has its own consequences)
  • Pit and fissure sealants. These are white coloured sealant material preferred for the initial caries attack which helps to prevent the tooth from further damages
  • When the decay is considerably deep, conservative management takes up the role. certain filling materials like silver amalgam( not preferred nowadays by most of the dentist due to the concern of mercury toxicity) , GIC and composites are used
  • When the kid elicits pain or sensitivity or mild swelling, it means the decay is on or close to the vital structure called pulp or sometimes the infection have crossed beyond the root (swelling condition). Here comes the next level of management where root canal treatment(pulpectomy) or pulpotomy are considered. Followed by stainless steel crown placement( so as to prevent the tooth from breakage).
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  • When the tooth is completely gone (grossly decayed), removal of the tooth followed by placement of space maintainer is recommended. This will help to retain the space for the permanent tooth to erupt.
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Likewise the milk teeth are prevented and restored. It is always better to take early intervention right from better oral hygiene.







Is diabetes a disease?

          It is so common nowadays to say ” yes, i am diabetic”.. if you reach 40 years of age it became mandatory to have a check with your blood sugar level…if you are not diabetic, can you say “yes, hurray!!!” , ha ha no definitely not and you cannot…have to monitorize it regularly to check the alarming sound “am i turning diabetic!!!!” as if it is the pride of our birth my god!!!

 So what is diabetes??is it a disease????

My answer may surprise you but it is true that, DIABETES IS NOT A DISEASE..It is only a condition in which the quantity of glucose in the blood is too elevated called “hyperglycemic”. It is all about the role of a single hormone called insulin whose main role is to balance the blood glucose level by triggering the cells to take up the blood glucose and utilise it for its function.


So the cause of diabetes are,

  • Either due to less insulin production or no insulin 
  • Or due to lack of receptors in the cell to receive the insulin
  • or sometimes the combination of the both

So it is all about to regulate the blood sugar level…what does it matter??? Yes, it matters a lottt…Though diabetes is only a condition, it is as important as every major diseases and should be deal with atmost importance. …when there is an imbalance, it has its own effects on every parts of the body. When it goes uncontrol, it starts to rule you unconditionally…

But why there is a sudden increase in this condition on recent centuries??? It is not only genetically drivened one( type 1 diabetes maybe exceptional which is out of an autoimmune reaction where there is no/lack of insulin secretion), but this sudden elevation in the type 2 diabetic conditions are mainly influenced by our life style and environmental factors. Yes offcourse the reason for diabetes are multifactorial. But here today, in this blog let us focus more on the lifestyle we lead and the environment we live that turning into an alarming cause…people less than 40yrs are so prone to type 2 diabetes nowadays and all these are not all of a sudden attack…


  • Obesity
  • living a sedentary life
  • unhealthy diet
  • improper meal timing
  • stress
  • less or no physical activity
  • improper sleep cycle
  • habits like smoking, alcohol8B0FE721-7475-437C-B2D9-109E10439E69-4341-000003B43276AFCB

Are they seeming healthy??? Do you fall under any of these category!!!Then yes, you are under 40% risk for diabetes.. but not to panic…Nothing is delayed than a good start. Even if you are diabetes, you can still keep it under control.


  1. If you are diabetic, have a regular check on your blood sugar level and take the prescribed medications accordingly. No single case are the same, so never compare your condition with the others. And do not take the medication without your physicians consultation.
  2. Check with your BMI(body mass index) and have a control over it. BMI inbetween 19-25 kg/m2 is considered to be healthy
  3. quit the habits if any
  4. Have a balanced diet. It is not about avoiding carbohydrate or fats and taking ample of proteins and fibers will save you from diabetes. Each and every macro and micro nutrients are essential for a proper metabolism irrespective of how often you eat. So it is all about what you eat and how much you eat and when you eat.
  5. Have physical activity. From the basic stretches till the hardest swimming , it is countable. Being physically active and being healthy are directly proportional. The more you work, the more healthy you feel. And again, this has to correlate with the diet you take.
  6. Improper sleep cycle is a slow killer. It will mess up your entire body mechanism. All needed is 6 hrs of undisturbed sleep and always give a gap of 2 hrs inbetween your dine and the bed time.. It is still ok to have a short nap in a day only if your body asks for it. It should not be a practice of sedentary lifestyle.
  7. I know Stress-free life is not possible to apply in the current scenario but it is all about how much importance we give for each and everything. Try to have work-life balance. It is very much necessary to have replenishments now and then.


From all these things, i would like to emphasis that, diabetes is not a dreadful disease to fear off. But when we dont Consider it properly and carefully it may turn up into the etiology for so many dreadful diseases.